Tuesday, February 05, 2008

LSD pointers

In his recent book 'Anassimandro di Mileto' Rovelli writes: "it is essential to realise that language doesn't just mirror reality, but more often it creates reality". Having recognized the deconstruction of semantic models as a necessary development of the quantum relational approach , it is curious for me to find this statement in a text where RQM is nowhere mentioned. Yet apparently, the seeds are germinating. Rovelli writes further that "to take part in the ritual amounts to acknowledging its legitimacy, and hence to adhere to the realm of meanings corresponding to the ritual". Again, an impressingly bold statement when viewed in a relational setting, where intersubjective agreement and hence reality depend on a shared semantic model.

How semantic models, and hence the corresponding reality, can be modified is stated further: "100 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide are sufficient to let us perceive the world in a deeply different way. Neither a more truthful way nor a less truthful one. Just different". One may find similar statement in Kary Mullis' writings. However, the implementation of such alternative semantic models breaks intersubjective agreement. A different semantic model and the corresponding measurement/perceptual procedure may land you in an alternative reality, where others may be unable or unwilling to tread.

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